WCOBA Members Participate in 2-Day Queen Rearing Class

On May 10th & 11th WCOBA kick-started the Great Nuc & Queen project with an Introduction to the Doolittle Method of Queen Rearing.  Twenty four WCOBA members attended this queen rearing course led by respected author and entomologist Dr. Larry Connor.  Connor led students through two days of instruction covering the queen rearing process, queen & drone management, hands on practice at grafting day old larva, and setting up queen cell starters and finishers.  

WCOBA’s Great Nuc & Queen Project aims to develop a network of local beekeepers, Nuc producers and queen producers focused on overwintering northern Nucs and developing locally adapted mite resistant queens and colonies.  Raising high quality local queens is paramount to a sustainable program.  Interests of students ranged widely from grafting a few queens each year to sustain their own operation, building and selling a few Nucs, to producing and selling queens to local beekeepers.  
Many students shared an intention to practice grafting in their apiaries this season.  We’re looking forward to seeing photos of those cells and queens on the Forums area of our website and our Facebook page.

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