WCOBA Graduates Dec 1, 2012 Class Of Beginning Beekeepers School

WCOBA marked a great year of beekeeper education with the graduation of another class of beginners from our Beginning Beekeepers School on December 1, 2012 at Cedar Bog Nature Preserve in Urbana.  During 2012 WCOBA instructors hosted multiple classes over the spring and fall at locations in Urbana and Troy, OH.  A pillar of WCOBA’s mission is to educate new and aspiring beekeepers in the art and science of beekeeping using the latest best practices with a solid understanding of honey bee biology.  The December 1st class at Cedar Bog represented a typical group of 2012 Beginner Beekeeping School students with many planning to take up the hobby next spring, some with a few hives looking to expand and strengthen their beekeeping knowledge, and others desiring to assist the survival of feral colonies on their property. 

WCOBA’s Dwight Wells covered a range of topics including beekeeping basics, honey bee biology, colony management practices and a brief overview of pests and integrated pest management.  Instructor Denny Lamb provided hands on lab time helping students learn to build frames and embed foundation.  Current Ohio State Beekeepers Association president John George gave students a great overview of the components of a hive and essential equipment for a beekeeper.  Students also had a chance to interact with graduates of our March 2012 Beginner’s School to explore what to expect in the first year of beekeeping.

2013 is sure to bring another great opportunity to educate new and aspiring beekeepers.  WCOBA currently has a beginner’s school scheduled for January 26, 2013 at Cedar Bog Nature Preserve with additional classes in the planning stages for February and March.  Keep an eye on our website events page and WCOBA’s facebook page for more information on upcoming beginner’s schools.

Be sure to check out WCOBA member and instructor Denny Lamb leading a beginner’s school through building frames and embedding foundation in the videos below.


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