Prepare for the Great Nuc & Queen Project

In the Summer of 2013, WCOBA will be working with our club sites, beekeepers and affiliates to launch and coordinate a Nuc & Queen project. Our goal will be to create a self supporting system of locally adapted, mite resistant bees and queens for our club members and the region.  We'll devote a small portion of our monthly agenda to these topics and will be posting additional information on our website and forums for deeper exploration.

For a backgrounder in preparation for our Queen & Nuc discussion, we have provided some links to a presentation (parts 1 & 2) given by Michael Palmer on sustainable beekeeping to the Prince William Regional Beekeepers Association a few years ago.  Palmer has created a sustainable operation at his apiary in Vermont using Nucs and Queen rearing techniques.  In these videos he shares his system to eliminate dependency on sunbelt packages and queens while creating and overwintering your own replacements for losses.  These videos are long, about 90 minutes total viewing time, but provide great insight into how Nucs, supported by local supply of quality queens selected for the right traits, can change the game in beekeeping.
These videos provide a great overview of how Palmer is creating his system.  While most of us don't have 700+ colonies to do this ourselves, working together as a club, and in partnership with other clubs and organizations across the state and region, we can create something similar. 

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